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Open Source Projects

The following are the Open Source Projects made available from ElectroSystems:


OpenSER Monitor

Web based monitor of peer connections for OpenSER.

You can get the package from :

$ git clone git://

After you have cloned the project, you must specify your own settings within the config sub directory, in the files named *.dist, this must be copied to the same name without the .dist extension (i.e. database.yml.dist to database.yml), and modify them to adjust to your own settings, all settings are easily understandable.

$ mongrel_rails -d -p 8001

Now you can access your monitor at http://<your server>:8001/

That's All!



Web based manager for allowing/denying access to specific web pages using SQUID on linux gateways.

$ git clone git://

Instructions at eSQUIDConfig How To.