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Please visit our section on Information Technologies Consulting. We know how to help you improve your processes and increase your production. 
Interconnect our offices and allow your remote and travelling employees access all the resources on your network, just as if they were at their office
Let our engineers analyze your information systems infrastructure and make suggestions and implementation of security solutions, to give you the confidence your data is completely safe
Still depending on your traditional telephony company and their high costs? Let us build a telephony system for you and enjoy the multiple benefits and low cost of IP telephony



Sarasvati is a Web Based Phone Call Automation System.

Everything from scheduling and notice calls to accounting, collecting and almost any aspect of your business that involves informing or requesting by phone can be automated with our Sarasvati system.

Do you have a report on all your accounts collectable and a list of phone numbers associated to those accounts? That's all you need, forget about a call center, or hiring an expensive company to do the collection for you.